1.2 Beta

Optimize the conversion system

1.1 Beta

Rename to “SuperChineseConverter”
Change LOGO
Use a new system (increase up to triple speed)
Add copy feature and cancel all select feature
Add Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese (without converting countries special phrases and words)

1.0 Beta

Change the display method of converted result
Optimize interface
Add Select All, Edit, increase font size, decrease font size, export to text file and clear functions
Fix clear button display error on some web browsers

1.5 Public Alpha

Add resubmission detection
Optimize program code
Fix minor bugs

1.4 Public Alpha

Improve interface
Optimize Chinese punctuation conversion option

1.3 Public Alpha

Add conversion option: Fix Simplified Chinese garbled characters (experimental)

1.2 Public Alpha

Add conversion option
- Auto space for better readability (experimental)
- Chinese punctuation (experimental)
- Fullwidth symbols (include Chinese punctuation)
- Fullwidth numbers
- Fullwidth English characters
Hide reset button if the web browser does not support it

1.1 Public Alpha

Add reset button
Add last update of Chinese data
Optimize interface

1.0 Public Alpha

First public version

0.5 Alpha

Add AJAX mode

0.4 Alpha

Fix bugs

0.3 Alpha

Add a new language ‘Simplified Chinese (Singapore)’

0.2 Alpha

Fix missing words bug

0.1 Alpha

First version
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