Please be reminded that Smart Intelligence Engine is in Alpha version now! The functions may not work properly and the result may get wrong.

Smart Intelligence Engine (Alpha version)

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1.2 Alpha

Build 062

Fix Number Base hexadecimal Conversion bug
Fix Mathematical Calculation sign detection bug
Update Digital Information Unit Conversion (BitXByteConverter 1.5)

Build 061

Improve API support for software

Build 060

Add API for software
Add Number Base Conversion command

Build 059

Add Random Number & Letter command
Fix Percentage Calculation bugs

Build 058

Fix Remainder calculation bugs
Improve Square Root Calculation
Improve Percentage Calculation
Fix Percentage Calculation bugs
Improve Base64 Encoding & Decoding

Build 057

Fix Unit Conversion & Calculation conbine command bugs
Fix Base64 Encoding & Decoding bugs

Build 056

Add Base64 Encoding & Decoding command
Fix minor bugs
Improve Mathematical Calculation detection
Fix Mathematical constant detection bugs
Add Ratio Calculation Command

Build 055

Optimize Unit Conversion program code
Add Body Mass Index Calculation Command

Build 054

Improve Go To Website command
Fix minor bugs

Build 053

Improve percentage calculation

Build 052

Fix Currency Conversion bugs
Fix Calculation detection bugs
Improve Calculation detection

Build 051

Improve mobile devices interface
Add loading text

Build 050

Optimize program code
Fix display bugs
Add search function
Now support AJAX
Fix minor bugs
Rename as Smart Intelligence Engine (original name: Smart Command)

1.1 Alpha

Build 049

Add Check Website Google PageRank command
Add Directly Go To Website command
Fix Currency Conversion bugs

Build 048

Optimize program code
Improve Weather command
Improve command detection

Build 047

Add no command message
Improve Time Zone Conversion
Fix Time Zone Conversion bugs
Optimize Calculation system
Fix Calculation detection bugs

Build 046

Fix number rounding display bugs
Fix Mathematics Calculation functions not work bugs

Build 045

Optimize Currency Conversion
Fix URL input command
Add example buttons to run the example
Improve the interface

Build 044

Add Weather command (experimental)
Fix Time Unit Conversion bugs

Build 043

Fix minor bugs
Improve Calculation system

Build 042

Add Time Zone Conversion (experimental)

Build 041

Optimize Calculation detection
Improve command detection
Fix bugs when run Mathematics Calculation & Unit Conversion command at the same time

Build 040

Improve Unit Conversion
Improve mobile devices interface
Fix Length Unit Conversion display bug

Build 039

Calculation & Unit Conversion support number with comma now

Build 038

Add Mathematical Constants
Improve Calculation system
Fix Unit Conversion system bugs

Build 037

Add Mathematical Constants
Fix Mathematics Calculation bugs
Optimize & improve Calculation system

Build 036

Optimize Unit Conversion command
Add display IP address command

Build 035

Enhance Mathematics Calculation & Unit Conversion command run at the same time
Add Aspect Ratio Calculation
Add Factorial (Mathematics Calculation)

Build 034

Add currency conversion (experimental)

Build 033

Update command list
Optimize program code

Build 032

Now support URL input command

Build 031

Optimize & improve Calculation system
Add more units for Mass/Weight Unit Conversion
Add Electric Current Unit Conversion
Add Temperature Unit Conversion
Optimize & improve Unit Conversion system

Build 030

Fix Digital Information Unit Conversion bugs
Enhance Unit Conversion command
Optimize & improve Unit Conversion system
Optimize all the program code

1.0 Alpha

Build 029

Ready for next big update
Optimize mobile interface

Build 028

Optimize Digital Information Unit Conversion
Fix Digital Information Unit Conversion bugs
Now support Mathematics Calculation & Unit Conversion command at the same time (Tested & Improved)

Build 027

Optimize Digital Information Unit Conversion

Build 026

Now support Mathematics Calculation & Unit Conversion command at the same time (experimental)
Optimize calculation program code

Build 025

Add Time Unit Conversion
Add conversion error detection
Optimiz conversion program code
Fix conversion bugs
Display full unit for all conversions
Optimiz Length Unit Conversion

Build 024

Optimize conversion program code

Build 023

Optimize conversion & calculation program code
Fix calculation bugs

Build 022

Add Mass/Weight Unit Conversion
Enhance calculate accuracy

Build 021

Fix a Length Unit Conversion bug

Build 020

Fix floating point calculation bugs
Fix Length Unit Conversion bugs

Build 019

Fix Length Unit Conversion bugs

Build 018

Add Length Unit Conversion
Improve Calculation program code
Optimiz program code

Build 017

Fix a Calculation command bug

Build 016

Improve Digital Information Unit Conversion command
Optimize Calculation command

Build 015

Fix Trigonometric functions (Calculation command) calculation error
Add example for commands

Build 014

Add Digital Information Unit Conversion command
Optimiz program code
Optimiz interface

Build 013

Fix a serious bug

Build 012

Add back Chinese language
Improve command list description

Build 011

Fix minor bugs of Calculation command
Add command list
Enhance Calculation command

Build 010

Improve Calculation command

Build 009

Add error messages

Build 008

Fix some calculation errors on trigonometric functions (such as tan90° = ∞)
Optimize Calculation command
Optimize interface

Build 007

Fix error when Calculation command cannot calculate

Build 006

Enhance Calculation command, add "sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, cot, abs, ln, sqrt, log"

Build 005

Fix a serious bug

Build 004

Add Logo

Build 003

Add basic Calculation command

Build 002

Add animations

Build 001

First build version
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