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bye HACKing Project (byeX_X)

bye HACKing Project (aka byeX_X) is a fake hacking tool. The purpose of creating this software is let everyone experience to be a hacker. The features of bye HACKing Project include displaying a fake bluescreen, create alert bombs with custom settings and generate fake virus.
  • The Most Realistic Fake Bluescreen In The World
  • Experience To Be A Hacker
  • Customizable Alert Bomb
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Sorry, this page support Chinese language only! (Beta version of NXU Reminder support Traditional Chinese only!)

NXU Reminder

NXU Reminder 是一個簡單方便的提示小工具,由 NXU 開發,雖然現時仍在 Beta 測試版階段,但 NXU Reminder 將會有更多功能,令各位使用時更方便。

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