The next generation of unit converter
  • Support various types of unit including Length / Distance, Mass / Weight, Temperature, Time, Frequency, Pressure, Electric Current etc.
  • Up to 30 decimal places of accuracy
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A powerful Chinese conversion solution
  • Support both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, detect the type of input automatically
  • Support Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore four countries special phrases and words
  • Conversion option: Auto space, Chinese punctuation, Fullwidth symbols/numbers/English characters etc.
  • Support export to text file
  • High-speed convert performance
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A professional bit and Byte converter
  • Support most of the digital information units
  • Support both decimal and binary at the same time
  • Support up to 50 decimal places (Mode 1/2)
  • Easy to share the converted result
  • Three modes available for selection
  • Several themes and settings avaiable
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A smart aspect ratio calculator
  • Support calculation of target ratio
  • Support up to 30 decimal places (Main mode)
  • Displaying image with custom width and height
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